Monday, March 24, 2014

Goals March 10-23

Life is so busy right now! On Saturday I had to go to a social studies conference that was 45 minutes away from 8:15 to 2:30. It was super annoying and I was very grumpy about it. Saturday is supposed to be MY day. Not, that I don't do work on Saturday's, because I totally do. But, I like it to be on my terms. At least I won a free book at the conference. Not that I'll ever get time to sit and read it.

March 10-16
1. Review water polo rules: Nope
Water polo game Friday: Yup! We won again!
Swim, run, and do one core workout: Nope

2. Cook ziti: Yup
Make tacos when I run out of ziti: nope
Think of a cake idea for the service auction: nope

3. Read the Hobbit: nope
Insurgent: still on the waitlist!

4. Read my scriptures daily: yep!
Write a gratitude journal entry: nope
Pray for something very specific: nope
Plan my relief society lesson: yup! That was interesting. During my lesson, I asked a question that took the class in a totally different direction than I was planning, but in not such a great way! It was super surprising because the girl who made the comment usually makes great comments! It took me like five minutes to regain the class because everyone wanted to talk about her comment which seriously was of no importance at all to the lesson. Ugh.

5. Pay Amy's mom: Yup!
Get $7 from Reggie: yup!
Record all spending: yep!

March 17-23

1. Run or swim once: nope
Water polo on Friday: yep! We won again! Also, I blocked a goal with my face.

2. Read The Hobbit: nope. This is seriously getting depressing.

3. Make tacos this week: nope (because I got leftovers from Amy's mom that I ate all week!)

4. Read scriptures daily: yep!
Gratitude journal entry: noooo :(
Read one conference talk: this is getting

5. Money stuff: didn't record anything